Hey You!
Yes You.
I want to tell You something - You're pretty cool! This morning You got up, had your day, and some how have found yourself here. You might be someone who is participating in the A-Z Challenge - if You made it this far, congratulations! You're almost done! Or maybe You are a friend from Twitter, or FB, or maybe even a real life friend! Welcome. :) 

I most sincerely hope that You are doing well, and that You enjoy what you read here. This blog, after all, is mostly for You. OK it's partly for me since I like to play with words and have a spot to communicate with friends and family. But it's mostly for You. I always hope to make You smile, or laugh, or think. (and sometimes convince You to buy a book ;) ) 

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge You, gentle reader. Because You're pretty great and I appreciate the moments that You come to visit my little corner of the interwebs. Thanks for the support with A-Z, and the super-amazing visits during the Blitz last Friday! 

This month I am participating in the April A-Z Challenge! My theme for the month is ‘character development.’ Some days will be exercises from John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction, others will be profiles of characters from my book Armageddon: Pick Your Plot (paperback, Kindle), and some will just be random characters I make up. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Maria Dunn10:43 PM

    Hi AJ. Thanks for the encouragement to this one of your gentle late night readers. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living

  2. Tina Downey5:56 AM

    Cool way to do Y! I like your little corner of the interwebs...

    Tina @
    is Good

    April 2013 A-Z
    Challenge Blog



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