A is for the woman with Almond-shaped eyes

The woman's almond eyes gazed across the table toward a playground opposite. Her eyes melted into wistful puddles as her would-be daughter skipped across the grass of her imagination.. Refocusing again upon the appearance of a towheaded boy chasing a ball. "Some day." she thought, "Some day it will be my turn." A drop slid down the side of her glass as she stood, forcing a smile, at the sound of her sister's voice. "Just not today. Just not yet, not yet."

Welcome! This month I am participating in the April A-Z Challenge (sorry to start it off on a kind-of sad note..). My theme for the month is ‘character development.’ Some days will be exercises from John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction, others will be profiles of characters from my book Armageddon: Pick Your Plot, and some will just be random people I make up. I hope you enjoy!