Tina's Terrific Team!

I mentioned a bit back that I am participating again this year in the April A-Z challenge. A lovely challenge that involves writing a post for 26 days in April (every day but Sundays), with topics that go in alphabetical order. In an interview on the A-Z blog, I mentioned my theme for the year, but what I didn't mention is that I've decided to get a little more involved in the Challenge. When the lovely Tina asked me to join her team of minions, I immediately said yes. I mean, who doesn't love to be a minion once in a while? Check out our neato blog badge on the right!

I encourage you to visit Tina, as well as the other minions in our group. It's an eclectic and lovely team. I'm excited to work with them and to help keep the Challenge running smoothly :)

Andrea of Maybe It's Just Me and I Like it On the Table
Hilary of Positive Letters... Inspirational Stories...
Jolie DuPre of Precious Monsters (Gotta love someone with an awesome name like that!)
JoJo of Tahoma Beadworks and Photography
PV Ariel aka Philip of philipscom

Still have a lot of writing to do to prepare - it's going to be great. :)