Debate? What Debate?

Things I did rather than watch the debate:

1. Wonder why the first boy I ever kissed showed up in a dream Sunday night.
2. Got my Miami on while driving on a super-busy highway.
3. Drank a glass of wine.
4. Started to have an allergic reaction to said glass of wine. :-/
5. Made a devious plan of goodness.
6. Practiced for our upcoming concert (www.vittoriaensemble.com :) ).
7. Aired a grievance in the ‘conscious complaining’ zone of my friend’s house.
8. Worried for a moment that her dog might poo on the floor (still better than the debate!).
9. Practiced my posture.
10. Didn’t remember that there was a debate on that I could have been watching. 

Am doing a one-month writing project with my friend Victor again. His list is here


  1. I didnt watch the debate either, I looked up the amendments that are going to be on the ballot and got my information on.

    1. That's a great use of the time!

  2. I watched the debate in the background. I don't know why, because I still say if you don't know by now, you shouldn't be voting. :/

  3. I watched the SF Giants take the NLCS against SL Cardinals! Okay, I am really not that big a sports fan - really, I'm not - but it's hard not to feel the emotion behind a victory. When the home team is winning, people are walking on air everywhere. Go figure.

    1. I totally agree with you about feeling the emotion. I will get teary eyed watching the end of any sports event, even if I don't care about the teams..

  4. thats great! the debate was a debaucle anyway...
    thanks for stopping by!

  5. I didn't watch either. Instead I chatted online with a friend—a much better use of my time, I think. :)


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