It's suddenly September...

Not sure where the summer went! I had the same masthead all summer, both because I didn't have time to make a new one, and because I really liked that one. I'm sure if I hadn't liked it (see: May) I would have found time to make a new one, but the cupcakes were just so cute it was ok they got some extra time.

This month's banner is from a picture I took in July 2006. It's a bit of a door at a temple we visited in Korea. I love the temples there because they are so colorful. There's something joyful about walking on a path up a mountain to a temple that is meticulously painted in pinks, teals and yellows.  

Add to that a majestic statue and you've got something really special.

I always love visiting religious sites in different places. You can tell a lot about a culture's philosophy on life by the way they create and treat their religious locations and ceremonies. 

We leave soon to go visit Korea. I haven't been back since I lived there in 2006. I was in a much different mental state the last time I stepped off a plane in Seoul, so I am excited to see if/how my experience of Korea changes (or doesn't!). 

I will try to post a couple of times while we're there, but if I don't manage it there will definitely be lots of pictures and adventures to share when we return!