Not on fire!

There has been a lot of focus on the wildfires in CO, and the Flagstaff fire is actually only 7 or 8 miles from here. I have pictures of that too, but wanted to share some photos from our hike yesterday that show just how lush some of the state still is.

Colorado Columbine
These are from up near Nederland, on the Woodland Lake trail. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the entire hike was (I've never seen such wildflowers!), but hopefully the pictures will give you some idea.

So many wildflowers by the stream!

Skyscraper Reservoir

Neat little flower!

Field of wildflowers, extra lush by the stream.

The flowers even grew on a log!


  1. Some amount of the enduring lushness of the state comes from the rejuvenation of occasional wildfires... for what that's worth!

    Lovely photos, AJ.

    1. It's worth a lot, actually - this hike was soul-nourishingly lush and colorful. It was good to have a reminder that good will come from all the fire.


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