So many characters!

Man oh man.. What to say? I've been slacking! Well, sortof. Only on the Naturally Sweet front, not on the every-other-aspect-of-life front. May was crazy busy, and a lot of that was in preparation for the crazy busy of June. Some of it wasn't, though!

One thing.. Remember how I said I seem to have started writing a book? Yeah, well.. I didn't touch it at all in the month of May. Sorry, characters! I've been busy working with other characters. Namely, my student staff for the summer. The last two weeks have brought me an Intern (ohh the post I will write about loving having an Intern!) and eight amazing student staff members, who have all needed to be trained, while still attempting to get everything else done. Translation: several 11 hour days and working on weekends. Yikes.

Thankfully that all started right after the last weekend of choir concerts and finishing the first write-through of a (super-amazing omg I can't wait till it's in a state to be shared!!) project with a friend. I said I was writing a book and accidentally got side-tracked into writing a different book than the one I mentioned before. Awesome. :)

Add onto that a fair bit of exercise and continuing our Colorado wanderings in hopes of managing to climb a 14'er by the end of the year, and you have a very busy but very happy me.

The first couple weeks of June promise to be even busier with work stuff so I can't say I'll be posting much, though if we make it hiking I will try to toss out some pictures. Until then, here's a picture of the pretty flowers in our front yard!