J is a Jar (giveaway!)

I've always thought it was cool when blogs had giveaways and thought, "Man.. I wish I had something cool to give away!" And then I realized that I do have something quite good.

Every year around Thanksgiving/Christmas, I make a huge batch of homemade cranberry sauce and can it in jars so I can have this delicious treat all year round. It is infinitely better than the jellied stuff you get at the grocery store and allows me to enjoy it even during the summer months when fresh cranberries are not available.

AND, I also have a jar of my yummy strawberry jam left! I made it from strawberries that were picked fresh that very day and boy can you taste it! Like a bite of summer, it goes well with just about anything you'd want to put strawberries on. :)

So to celebrate the giving'ness of all the wonderful bloggers I've been interacting with for A-Z this month, I have decided to share some homemade love with one of my readers.

Comment below with your favorite way to eat cranberry sauce or strawberry jam, and I will draw randomly from among the commenters and send the winner a jar of goodness. Please make sure you leave enough information that I can contact you to get your address, and check back tomorrow to find out who the winner is!

Looking forward to seeing what y'all come up with :)