Winter Hike

One of the neat things about the location of our new house is the easy access to various hiking and biking trails. Since it got up to the mid-forties today (yes, UP to. and yes, that was exciting!) we decided to go for a little walk through the snow. I just got a Camelbak so wanted to try it out, but since it was chilly we didn't want to go too far. So we went to one of the nearby trails and didn't stay out too long. The walk was pleasant - not too noisy, not too many people out. And the mid-forties are a good temp for walking, it turns out. We saw some pretty impressive frozen cow pies and puddles, and a lone cow that seemed to have gotten through one of the cattle gates. As the sun dipped behind the mountains its rays cast across hundreds of tracks in the snow, and we returned home to cozy up near the fireplace.

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  1. Oh Roomie, Florida has made you soft! ;)

    Just kidding, I'm sure you'll resume your WI winter toughness as soon as your snot freezes. Brrr! That's something Travis and I don't miss -- in PA we haven't experienced snot freezing yet, in the past 2 winters we've been there, so that has become our barometer for whether or not it's "cold" out :)

    I loved seeing your posts of your house. Can't wait to see more photos!



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