so it's been awhile, once again. figured i'd give a brief update while i'm sitting in the airport. adventures of the last couple of months include standing up in a friend's wedding, visiting hawaii, and the whole holiday shabang. so here you go! enjoy some lovely pictures from my recent travels :)
the bridesmaids and the bride:

on the plane coming in to kauai.. this picture is through my sunglasses. the water had a rainbow sheen to it the whole way in :)

from our hike to waipoo falls. dangerous! the falls were 800 feet high. this is me going closer to the edge so i could see them better:

and finally.. our little christmas card picture. the boys and i.. brave souls went out in shorts! i got to wear my jacket because i was taking some of the pictures!

they're telling me my plane is almost here. time to go line up!