well... shit. it's been a long time.
so i survived my first year out of grad school. survived being very intentionally used. ..it's been kindof a rough year. lots of ups and downs. but survived it i have. and come out stronger, i hope. still not sure. i think the strength and the learning might take a little bit to show up. i haven't really had time to think enough to cause fortification. not sure what i should be eating to help with that :P

not really too much to say though.. am kindof waiting for stuff to gel before i can even feel like i can share. hence not posting much. i am spending all of next week off, in miami, with lots of outdoors time and me-time, so hopefully i can figure some stuff out.

sorry to be so vague. such is the way of things.


  1. Best wishes, my friendy AYJAY.

    Word verification of the day: "whfotr".

    Whfotr: The old English equivalent of the more popular English phrase "why for", meaning "wtf?!"

  2. every time i see something that ends in 'otr' i think 'of the rings'.. so my definition would probably have been something like 'what hairy feet! ..of the rings' or some other geeky reference. :)

  3. whoa highly fought of the rings!


  4. I know what you can eat to cause fortification - ice cream. lots and lots of ice cream. Always does the trick!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!


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