it's been almost a month! sorry 'bout that.. been lots going on, i guess. umm. let's see.. i graduated! YAY! you may now all call me 'master' ;) my mom and lil bros came down for graduation weekend.. it was amazing to spend time with them. i haven't been back to WI at all this semester, so i definitely cherished the opportunity to have some family time.

had to be moved out by the day after graduation. i'm now living with my mild-mannered meteorologist, until i move away from miami.

..unfortunately i dont know where that 'away' is, yet. don't have a job, yet. which is a little frustrating, but i'm not freaking out about it at this point. i've got a couple feelers out.. am just waiting to hear back so i can figure out what is up.

am still working at FIU for another month or so, so i can get stuff set up for the woman who is taking my position next year. gotta clean this place up a bit so she can make sense of it.

that's all i've got for now.