well, i do suppose i could post something of substance here.. it's been a bit (sorry to those of you who actually check in with any regularity!). life has just been kindof.. i don't know.. average? i feel like i am constantly working, or if not actually working, thinking about work or accidentally running into someone in the hall who needs something. i've been on duty a *lot* lately, so that probably contributes to it.

**side rant - sometimes, really smart people do really stupid stuff. and i don't know if it's the whole 'in the real world for the first time' thing, or the stress of school, or what, but COME ON people! just think for a second before you do things! we'd all be a lot happier (and i'd be a lot better rested) for it.**

anyway.. in the last couple weeks we had the whole selection process for our RA staffs, and now are heading into finals. 24 hour quiet hours start on saturday, and then a week later everyone's off for break. it's going to feel really weird not actually leaving right away with everyone else when they go after finals.

whenever i think about break, i imagine the whole building sighing in relief at having lightened its load of all the people, books and stress it regularly bears. when the building is closed, they shut all the drapes and turn off most of the lights, as if to let it rest in preparation for another hectic semester. over fall break i almost felt as though i was intruding on the building's naptime, my ghost haunting the relatively peaceful sleep of a place that generally gets very little rest. i'm hoping that over winter break i can share some of that peacefulness and come back refreshed as well.

..of course the 10 days in florida will probably help with that :)