happy making babies day!!

tonight the dining hall served lobster. and not just like.. lobster soup, or fake lobster in a salad. no. these were entire maine lobsters, cooked fresh in the res hall kitchen. with bibs. and crackers. one of my bosses described it as being 'a bonus to your paycheck' and what a bonus it was! mmmm in the midst of a crazy wednesday, it was a welcome break.

i finally bought my gym membership today. :D so tomorrow starts the early morning yoga/workouts. it's the only time i can go, and my body is begging me for more exercise. also, they take $26 from my paycheck every month, so i have to make it worth it!

oh, and, my aunt has a blog for her bookstore now. so you should go check it out!


  1. Ayjay! Welcome back to life in residence life when fitting in a workout is one of the most seemingly difficult things in the world to do - oh how I wish we could lift some weights...it would be so glorious.

    Lucky you about the lobster. It's a good day in Tucson when I manage to get something that comes from the ocean.

    Hearts to you


  2. Jealous! I want you to live a little closer, AJ... I think it would have a good effect on my fitness level to have a nice nonjudgmental exercise-keen friend around :)

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