i am sitting in fort lauderdale airport, on my way to bowling green state university for the week. they overbooked my flight so i got bumped to a different one.. which unfortunately leaves 9 hours after the one i was supposed to be on. thankfully, though, there is free wireless here! yay. it will at least help alleviate the airport-induced pain a bit..

i'm stealing this from gloria, becuse it seems like something interesting to do.

No More Silence: 15 things I should have said - to 15 different people, anonymously.

1. stop pitying yourself.

2. it wasn't your place to take that from me.

3. you are one of the most beautiful people i have ever known.

4. i sometimes wonder if i was old enough to make that decision.

5. your hugs are one of the things that got me through last spring.

6. i had a HUGE crush on you.

7. the way you interact with people is one of the most disrespectful things i've ever seen.

8. your kindness outshines that of almost anyone i know.

9. watching you raise children is going to amuse me immensely.

10. thank you for everything you have given me.

11. i have never felt so sexy as when...

12. you taught me how things can be better.

13. you kindof scare me. and i like it.

14. please learn to stand up for yourself.

15. i'm more scared of the time commitment than the loss.