so. this semester.. it's going to kick my butt. really, there has been a lot of butt-kicking in the last three weeks already and i see it only getting more intense from here.
it started out with the enjoyable madness of having two visitors for a week (this is the picture that resulted in my phone landing in the ocean):

followed by flying back to WI with them for the juggling festival. this sign is in the fieldhouse where we juggled all weekend:

then three days of 'down' time in miami before these hooligans came to visit for a weekend..

add in there the craziness of working, trying to get my car fixed, trying to switch cell phone companies, starting a new semester of classes, and a couple difficult conversations with some people and you've got my first three weeks of school. thankfully i have time to get in to work for a couple hours this weekend to get caught up, my car should be getting fixed today, the cell phone should switch tomorrow, class isn't too much work yet, and i'm mostly at peace with the results of the conversations. but those are all recent developments. i am really hoping for the ability to maintain sanity this semester.. something about spring semesters seeming to always be challenging. this semester will be challenging in totally different ways than last spring (thank god.. i dont think i could do that again) but it will definitely be interesting in its own ways.

off to print off my resume and have lunch at south beach with my mentora! (did i mention job searching? yeah no i didn't. prolly b/c i was trying not to think about it. that's a huge thing looming this spring as well. eek!)