happy new year! and also, happy 5th birthday to this blog! yup, that's right.. i've been putting my random thoughts on the intarweb for 5 whole years (as of the 1st). for those of you who have been reading that long, congratulations, thank you, and my apologies for some of the drivel you've read. also thanks for the support through random life events, and analysis of some of my writing things.. ya know. those things that happen when you write a blog and people give you feedback on it ;) anyhow. i thought it would be fun to go back to some of my posts.. random things. it was too long to pull long quotes, so you'll have to click on the links. here we go!

"pretty sure the dog has a nicotine addiction" 01.06.2002

geekiness 02.20.2002

"you have to trust someone to love them.." 03.05.2002

weaver bit the postman! 08-09-2002

erat hora 05.21.2003

"i learn. i watch. i grow" 05.17.2003

tooth extraction trauma! 02.09.2004

"on any other day, i'd be your average white female college student. non-descript. 'normal'" - on day of silence 04.23.2004

"I want to pour on drop you on the end of my language" 09.15.2004

"are they real?" 11.28.2005

"heidi stole my left boob" 02.11.2006

happy five years, blog... it's now past 1am on the day after its birthday, b/c i spent wayyy too much time reading old posts trying to find good things. oh well. goodnight internet world.