this pretty much is me the last few days:

extremely frustrated with school stuff. with professors who don't seem to care, with projects that seem pointless and unstimulating.. my mood was pretty black for a couple of days.
things are looking up a bit. but this is me saying that at 9:30 as i'm just starting to write a paper that is due tomorrow. the black may return. am hoping not, as it's absolutely my least favorite feeling.. but cross your fingers. we'll see.


  1. Stick with it AJ! You know it gets brighter right around the corner, no matter how many pits of spikes you must swing over.

    Buzz me if you need a word of encouragement.

  2. thanks dan. got a whole five and a half hours of sleep again last night (*whimper*), but a friend ended up studying with me, so the black was pretty much staved off. i'm just.. very, very tired. almost done, but very tired.


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