re: the many questions about how to get glasses in korea.
it's really fairly simple!
to get glasses in korea:
1) enlist the services of a friend who speaks both korean and english
2) wander around being amazed at the cheapness of frames, and resist the urge to buy 3 or 4 pairs
3) enjoy the glory of a completely *free* eye exam that does not involve a puff of air in your eyeball
4) try not to trip over yourself as you adjust to having new glasses for the first time in ages
5) be very very happy about the glasses, as pink eye may be in your near future :P

also.. i have not been online for the last few days, b/c our internet went 'out' again.. hah. next time we should make sure the modem has not come disconnected from the wall before getting up in arms about having no internet. we are all brilliant people in apartment 106.