so, i have to say.. WI, i am disappointed in you. not that anyone reading this voted in favor of the gay marriage ban, but i just had to put it out there. one step further from civil rights...

in similar news, here is an interesting report from npr on some events that have been happening in israel. i'm glad that the muslims and jews were able to find something to agree on, but i really wish it wasn't yet another discriminatory thing. they're already awful enough to each other.. there's no reason to single out another group to be hateful towards.

i get to house sit for one of my mentors at school, this weekend.. it means a weekend in a gated community, playing with a puppy, and running in the evening b/c it will actually be safe to do so. also, she doesn't really have internet, so i will have lots of time to concentrate on all the homework i should be doing. and she wanted to pay me for taking care of the house/dog... silly bean lady! i'm just excited to have such a quiet weekend of studying and relaxing ahead of me :) plus i just got an ipod, so i will be playing with that lots, too. yayyy!