holy wow.. it's been a pretty crazy few days! after coming out day, which was amazing, i went on a sisterhood retreat through the women's center. also, i FINALLY have internet in my apartment. i was going to post pictures but my computer and blogger are arguing :(

also, when arianna and i went to go to the grocery store tonight, my car didn't start! *big sad face* i have a friend coming over now who is going to look at my car to see if it's a big problem or something he can perhaps fix. cross your fingers. my budget can't handle major car repairs right now. heh.. or ever, really.. but really not now.

i feel like i've had a serious lack of actual thought lately. like.. i've just been running around so much doing things that i haven't really stopped to process much. i spent some quiet time staring at the water on the retreat after talking to tim before he left (he went back to korea this weekend) but that's the most actual thought i've done lately. am hoping that since things are getting a little more calm here i will be able to spend some time in my head. we'll see.

ok. here. a link of drool-worthy goodness. check out these glow-clubs! http://www.k8malabares.com.ar/flash_en/home.php

i'm off to see if the car will work. cross your fingers.