so hanging out at scott's is fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT! yeah. smelly mollusk that he is, scott is 24 today. we went out last night to a bar that played a ton of late 80s/ early 90s music, so it pretty much turned into scott's friends having our own little sing-along. good times. last night before the celebrations i bought a $5 shirt that says "grows power/ aventurea lover of adventure/ direction the car drove/ direction of toward the coast." it's very cute, and it amuses me. i kindof identify with it. what with the adventures of the summer and all..

i was browsing my usual blogs and found that one had posted her horoscope, which she said seemed very applicable to her life. so i checked out the site and this is what it said for me:

Some observers have expressed derisive opinions about Guy Boos, a Wisconsin man who hurled his washing machine down a flight of stairs and pumped it full of bullets with his .25-caliber gun. I, on the other hand, admire those who take out their frustration and rage on inanimate objects rather than on animals or other human beings. That's why I advise you to consider Boos' methodology if you find yourself on the verge of boiling over, Pisces. Don't repress your negative feelings, but find a way to express them that doesn't cost you anything more than a little money.

just kindof thought that was interesting, given that i am going back to miami on tuesday. a place that has not exactly been frustration-free for me. though it's possible that frustrations might not come from miami. i have a tendency to frustrate myself, so maybe i should be watchful of that. grant me the patience.. to calm the heck down and stop thinking so much. and also the focus to start really working on the things i want and need to focus on.