happy fourth of july! weird that there are no fireworks this year. i plan on doing an activity with my little ones about the 4th, involving lots of coloring :D i think our celebrations will probably involve escanaba in da moonlight and some japanese lime alcohol scott brought.

so, scott came to visit me last weekend! yayy!! for those who don't know, scott is a good friend from juggling in madison who is currently teaching english in japan. so he just hopped a plane and came for the weekend :D we had lots of adventures. first off was just finding him.. he had an adventure with the bus involving not being allowed to get off at the correct stop, getting off at the next one and taking a cab back to where he had already been. wasn't too bad though. i only waited about 10 minutes till he arrived. so we went back to my house, cleaned up after travelling, and headed out to suwon station for some revelry with my friends.

this is our bartender, unmi. silly girl! hehehe

scott brought me a couple of presents, one of which was this gorgeous yukata. freaking cool ^^

on saturday we went to the korean folk village with still more friends. we stayed for six hours, and i'm pretty sure i could do an entire separate post on all the cool stuff we saw there. among the cool things were...

this cool little statue guy. he got lots of attention from our group.

a rather ineffective looking table..

lots of gorgeous little ponds and watery areas.

very hungry horses.

a super fun board jumping game. picture me squeeking there.

pretty flowers in the rain..

exercises in squishing into small spaces.

and an oldfashioned korean jail cell.

saturday night we went out dancing in itaewon, but i don't actually have any pictures from that. sunday morning we went shopping for souvenirs and both had quite good luck :D

i think that's a pretty good deluge of pictures from me today. but always remember: take care the drop, and watch out your step, please.