i caved.

...i cleaned our kitchen today. the apartment i live in here is not exactly four star quality. previous tenants *really* did not take care of it. i do not like living in grossness. but we rarely use the kitchen here, so i have just done my best to ignore that portion of the house. but this morning i walked into the laundry room to take out the recycling (for the first time in almost 4 months.. there were bottles in there that were from the previous folks, too) and had to walk through a bunch of fruit flies. that did it for me. i spent an hour cleaning and only got through the sink, counters and stove top. i have yet to tackle the table or the floor. thankfully the table isn't too bad. but the floor.. is going to take some work. i set a fruit fly trap.. hopefully it will work.

seems silly to do so much work when i've only got a couple weeks left here (woah), but i think things like that are really rather good for my sanity. my mind always feels very clear after doing that kind of elbow grease work. maybe that's what mr. miyagi was trying to get at with the whole car waxing thing..? do some work, clear your mind. maybe today's kitchen endeavor will help me defend myself against my tae kwon do genius students. probably not. :P