Heading to the Cafe

You decide to go to Cafe LeFevre down the street. They have these hamburgers that drip grease in a way that your teenage growth hormones can’t resist. You wave to the security guard on the way out, promising to bring him some fries, and head left to the bicycle rack. Your mountain bike is well-loved, with some scratches and a chunk broken off the pedal from that time you weren’t quite paying attention and hit a poorly located rock on the local single track. You flipped right off the trail and both body and bicycle came out a bit worse for the wear. No matter -- it gives the bike character, and that day’s footage from your handlebar mounted flip cam was truly awesome. Just another moment in your quest to live up to your knightly name.

You unchain your faithful steed and pedal down the block toward Cafe LeFevre. Warm spring breezes brush across your face and for a moment you can’t help but lust for the upcoming summer break.

Feeling a change in the electricity of the air, you glance up and see light streaking across the sky! It looks like there’s a meteor or something - no, there’s more than one!

What will you do?
Follow that light! To continue and see what you can see, click here.
Warn the cafe! You’re right next to it at this point -- a true knight would save as many people as he could. Click here.